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Ragweed Pollen is Here!

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We’re starting to see cooler weather (if you can call it that), leaves are falling, our kids are back in school and football is on the television that can only means it’s ragweed season. The biggest allergy trigger for fall that runs from September through October. It is a flowering plant that grows six to eight inches tall and is commonly mistaken for goldenrod.
If you’re experiencing itchy/runny eyes, scratchy throat, a cough and some congestion, chances are you are fighting ragweed pollen. Studies indicate that 75% of those who suffer from spring allergies, are affected by ragweed too. With 17 different varieties of ragweed, it is hard to escape during the fall season.

To help steer clear of fall allergies, try wearing a mask while working outside. Once you are back inside, make sure you promptly wash off, as you will be bringing in the pesky pollen. Keep your home and car windows closed and follow local pollen counts to keep track of what is going in your area.

If your avoidance measures aren’t working and an antihistamine isn’t doing the trick, give us a call and we’ll see what exactly is causing your symptoms.

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