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Our patients love us – and you will too! Hear what they have to say about their Charleston Allergy and Asthma experience. 

Henry Finds Relief from Allergies

“When I come to Charleston Allergy and Asthma I feel welcomed…They make difficult things less difficult, and they make my life better.”

– Henry
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Professional Soccer Player Sidelined by Asthma

Even as a professional soccer player and having access to every doctor across the country…the treatment I received here really made my life that much better.

– Robert

Our experience was great all around from the minute we walked in…(we) highly recommend this practice for any allergy and asthma needs.

Gisel M.

How Allergy Shots Improve Your Quality of Life

Immunotherapy has been a tremendous tool in being able to manage allergies and asthma much better.

– Sandra
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Living with Food Allergies

The biggest thing that I’ve gotten from being a patient here is confidence in how to handle my allergies.

– Jessica

I would absolutely recommend Charleston Allergy and Asthma (especially the Mount Pleasant location) to anybody seeking help with their allergies!


College Track Star Breathes Easier

Since coming here, I’ve really been able to run without any problems. I don’t even think about asthma at all when I’m running.

– Brianna
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Living with Sinusitis

I initially came to Charleston Allergy and Asthma after suffering from chronic sinus infections…I just wake up every day feeling so much better than I did before.

– Allison

I’ve been going here for over 10 years, at least twice a month and I have NEVER had a bad experience. I would highly recommend Charleston Allergy & Asthma.

Tiffany G.

Did You Know Allergies are Genetic?

“I can breathe all the time. (My son) can breathe all the time. We can go to North Carolina for family vacations in the fall and actually enjoy it.”

– Leanne
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Kirsten Overcomes Skin Allergies

“We really don’t have any daily administration of medicine. She plays. She can eat a lot of foods that once caused problems with her skin. It’s just been an amazing recovery.”

– Nichelle

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