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Welcome to Charleston Allergy & Asthma

Our practice has been providing allergy and asthma care in the Charleston area for over 30 years. We are confident that if you work with us, our comprehensive approach will help you find relief and achieve an improved quality of life.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

At Charleston Allergy & Asthma you have the option to interact and communicate with our office through a secure online patient portal at all hours of the day and night. Anywhere you have internet access, you can request and reschedule appointments, request prescription refills, access and review test results and review and request your medical records.

Pollen Count

Pollen Count

We are a certified pollen counting station and we collect the pollen locally at our Summerville location. Pollen is a very fine powder released by trees, weeds and grasses. Providing the Lowcountry with a local count allows you to know how many grains of pollen are in a certain amount of air. Charleston Allergy & Asthma Research collects the pollen every 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Shot Schedule

Shot Schedule

To be convenient, we give allergy shots during many hours of the day. Allergy injections are given as listed below at our various offices. We will post notices here if there are occasional changes to this schedule. We do have some unexpected changes in our hours of availability so please check in regularly.

Meet Our Doctors

All of our doctors are board certified Allergists who practice the most up-to-date and advanced treatment available to provide a wide range of care for both pediatric and adult populations. Our doctors have repeatedly been recognized by Best Doctors in America®. We diagnose, treat and manage all aspects of asthma and the full spectrum of allergic diseases. Everyone in our practice is committed to bringing the most professional and complete care to each of our patients. We consider ourselves here as one large family and we treat every patient with this same caring and friendly approach.

Bruce D. Ball, MD

Dr. Ball is a local Charlestonian married over 30 years to his wife, Mitzi. They have four children. He is board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in both Pediatrics and Adults.

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Andrew E. Davidson, MD

Dr. Davidson is board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in both Pediatrics and Adults. He spends his free time playing guitar and performing for local charitable events.

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Jeffrey J. Dietrich, MD

Dr. Dietrich settled on Charleston after being stationed at Charleston AFB with his wife and three children. He is board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in both Pediatrics and Adults.

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Thomas B. Harper, III, MD

Dr. Harper attended Tulane Medical School after completing his undergrad at The Citadel here in Charleston, SC. He is board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in both Pediatrics and Adults.

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Meredith L. Moore, MD

Dr. Moore attended USC School of Medicine and completed over 20 years of active duty service in the Air Force as a physician. She is board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in both Pediatrics and Adults.

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Carolyn R. Word, MD

Dr. Word completed her undergrad, M.D. and Allergy/Immunology fellowship at UVA. She attended MUSC for her Pediatric residency. She is board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in both Pediatrics and Adults.

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What our patients are saying about us

  • Excellent, very informative…Thanks for the great service!

  • Excellent, quick, organized.

  • The staff is very professional and thoughtful.

  • Dr. Davidson is a great listener, patient and thoughtful.

  • First class operation on every level.

  • "From front office to the nurse to the doctor – fantastic!"

  • "Dr. Ball saved my life. My hives were ruining my life"

  • "Always fast, painless, pleasant, and easy"

  • "Wish all doctor’s offices were run with this efficiency and compassion."

  • "Love the staff and level of expertise. Love the friendliness and care of children."

  • "It was the best! Dr. Davidson and all the staff at the Summerville office are extremely knowledgeable and super friendly!!!"

  • "Very informative and helpful. Thank you for making this experience a pleasure."

  • "Very thorough, very appreciative of everyone’s kindness."

  • "Great staff! Very please. Everyone worked together – good team work."

  • "Charleston Allergy & Asthma Research cares about you as a person and as a patient; they are so accommodating with your schedule. And, it truly helped me to find relief in my allergies – which is a HUGE bonus. I highly recommend becoming involved if you are able. The entire staff and all of the doctors I saw were extremely compassionate. "

  • "The research helped me comprehend how my medications are prescribed and how I can proactively manage my asthma condition" – Pamela Ancrum

  • "I have benefited greatly from the research studies I have been a part of with Charleston Allergy and Asthma. In particular the one I did in 2012/13 for 18 months for an investigative medication for people with asthma triggered by allergies. It changed my life. Prior to this study I had many times a month that I could not even leave my house due to asthma symptoms. If it was too cold, if it was windy, if the pollen count was too high. I could barely climb a flight of stairs without wheezing. After a few months in the study I was feeling like a new person. I started to work out on a regular basis and was able to run some 5k's. I went almost 2 years without any emergency room visits, when prior to the study I would go 2-3 times a year. I am anxious for that medication to be put on the market so it can help other people that suffer from allergy induced asthma like myself."

  • "Everyone is always so awesome and helpful! Makes things so much easier!"

  • "There is simply no place on Earth better than Charleston Allergy! Though we drove 2 hours to get here, we would drive or fly across the country because there is no one or no place better…We are so blessed and so grateful to have our daughter on a path to be allergy or near allergy free"

  • "Excellent! Everyone took time explaining everything. Thank you for your time with my child, never felt rushed. Appreciate everything!!"

  • "The nurses were amazing! The receptionists are always so kind and thoughtful"

  • "I thank God for Dr. Davidson and [his] staff, I would recommend anyone else!"

  • “Very friendly, love the fact that Dr. Harper explained what was going on with my daughter in a way I could understand.”

  • “The doctor was excellent! The written information is VERY helpful. It’s hard to digest all the information at once, so written information is perfect.

  • “Keep up the great work! If anyone I know needs to see an allergy and asthma doctor, I will tell them to come to you.”