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New Look, Same Relief!

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For more than 30 years, Charleston Allergy and Asthma has proudly served our Lowcountry friends and neighbors. Throughout this journey, we have made each decision along the way with one central goal in mind: to ensure patients are able to breathe better, feel better and live better.

“I think I can speak for our entire team when I say how proud I am of the journey this practice has had so far,” says Dr. Bruce Ball. “Charleston Allergy and Asthma has earned a reputation for offering exceptional care for patients throughout the Lowcountry community and we are excited to continue evolving as we strive to help individuals throughout the Lowcountry.”

By listening closely to our patients’ comments, questions and concerns, Charleston Allergy and Asthma strives to build an advanced, up-to-date practice accessible for all. Today, we are excited to announce the next phase in that ongoing evolution with our enhanced website and accompanying rebrand initiative! 

This is Charleston Allergy and Asthma with a fresh new look paired with the same excellence and relief you’ve come to expect from our reliable board-certified allergists and staff. We are delighted to hear our patients’ allergy success stories – which you can hear for yourself on our Testimonials page – and we are making progress in providing that very same relief to even more individuals throughout our communities.

Our team understands that many individuals across the Lowcountry rely on our practice for their allergy support, with many more who have yet to find relief. In our continued efforts to serve this community, we have worked to develop a brand-new web experience that current patients and new visitors can seamlessly navigate. 

The refreshed website provides several additions to create a smooth, patient-friendly experience. New features include a Request an Appointment button at the bottom of each page to allow for easy online scheduling, our Patient Portal to access medical records and pay bills online, as well as information on Charleston Allergy and Asthma locations, hours, allergy shot schedules and more. 

Our goal is to provide relief and serve as a trusted source for information in our field. Visitors to our website can rest assured that their favorite features remain available along with the new look and upgrades. This includes our regularly updated blog and new-and-improved daily pollen meter to help you stay informed and successfully avoid flare-ups.

“No matter what we do, our patients are always our top priority,” says Dr. Meredith Moore. “I’m thrilled to see how this new look and experience can help impact the lives of our patients and our community!”

We hope that these new improvements allow us to progress on our mission of providing Lowcountry patients of all ages with unmatched care and allergy relief. If you’re experiencing discomfort, we are here to help! Our locations accept most insurances, offer same-day appointments and we even have Saturday hours at our Mount Pleasant location, all to provide easy access to quality care you can depend on. 

To learn more about Charleston Allergy and Asthma and see these changes, we invite you to explore our website! Contact us today to request an appointment with one of our board-certified allergists and begin your journey to allergy relief.

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