COVID-19 Information

At this time, Charleston Allergy & Asthma does not have the COVID-19 vaccine on hand for patient distribution. Our team has applied to administer the vaccine but currently, we have not received confirmation if we will gain access. Should we receive the vaccine, we will promptly let our patients know. Thank you for your understanding.
As of March 8, according to SC DHEC guidelines, Phase 1B includes patients diagnosed with chronic lung disease. If you feel you meet this criteria, log into your patient portal to access your medical records and provide that information to the facility where you are receiving your vaccine. If you need help logging into your patient portal, please contact our office at 843-881-2030.
To locate a COVID-19 vaccination site near you, visit VaccineFinder.

At Charleston Allergy & Asthma, we are taking precautions to promote social distancing and minimize risk of Coronavirus exposure to our staff and patients, while still providing care to those who need it. Our physicians take care of many patients with immune deficiency and chronic lung disease who must continue to receive important medical care. Reassuringly, COVID-19 is expected to be a mild illness in most healthy children and adults. However, Charleston Allergy & Asthma is committed to protecting all of our patients, staff and their family members and we are taking extra precautions to help protect our high-risk patients. 

To safeguard the health of our patients and staff, Charleston Allergy & Asthma is implementing the following procedures until the current COVID-19 outbreak has stabilized:

  1. Patient Screening: All patients will be screened prior to their appointment for fever, respiratory symptoms, or concern of possible COVID-19 infection or exposure. Please notify us prior to your appointment of any symptoms so we can ensure the best care for you.
  2. Limit Patient Guests: We ask that patients under the age of 18 are accompanied by one adult family member. Whenever possible, please leave other children and adults at home.
  3. Wear a Face Covering: We ask that everyone older than 2 years of age wear a face covering in the clinic. If you do not have your own, we will provide a mask for you. Please notify our staff immediately if you are unable to wear a mask so we can make adjustments.
  4. Employee Masks: All clinical staff will wear masks to protect our patients and each other.
  5. Enhanced sterilization: Exam rooms and high-traffic clinic surfaces will be cleaned throughout the clinic day.
  6. Telehealth Visits: Telehealth appointments are available for new and established patients. Visit our Telehealth Services page to learn more.
  7. Limit People in the Waiting Room: Patients will be taken directly to an exam room to complete paperwork. If an exam room is not available, you may wait in your car until a room is ready.
  8. Employee Screening: At the beginning of every shift, employees will be screened for health changes. If they are showing symptoms of illness, they will continue the rest of their day at home.

a. Patients will enter the clinic to sign in. After you have received your allergy shot you can return to your car and wait the 30 minutes there if you have ALL of the following with you:

      1. A friend or family member waiting with you
      2. An epinephrine autoinjector
      3. A cell phone

At the end of the 30 minutes, you are asked to return to the clinic to be checked by clinic staff. If you do not return at the end of 30 minutes, you will no longer be permitted to wait in the car.

b. As always, we require that patients who are ill with cough or fever do not come to the clinic for allergy shots.

Charleston Allergy & Asthma is not currently performing tests for Coronavirus. Patients with symptoms suggestive of Coronavirus may be asked to utilize virtual screenings offered by Lowcountry hospitals. If a person screens positive, these online platforms can arrange for testing at appropriate sites:



For revolving information on Coronavirus/COVID-19, patients are encouraged to review the CDC website.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to provide care for our patients. We will continue to provide updates as they occur through social media and our patient portal.