Group of people at the Riverdogs game

2nd Annual Peanut Free Night SOLD OUT!

We got off to a rough start with having to cancel our original date due to some pretty terrible weather back in July. Luckily, our rescheduled night couldn’t have been better weather wise. We had a cool breeze sweeping through the stands as we watched the RiverDogs beat Columbia!

A big thank you to Charleston RiverDogs for giving us this opportunity. We were elated to find out that the entire peanut free section was sold out! Dr. Thomas Harper said it was “so nice to see families coming to a professional sporting event where they could feel comfortable that their peanut allergic children were safe.”

We chatted with many families who expressed such excitement for having the opportunity to enjoy a baseball game anxiety free. This was the first time a few peanut allergic families had the chance to attend a RiverDogs game as a family. One little girl was all dressed up in teal (teal is food allergy’s awareness color) to show support and create awareness about her peanut allergies.

We had a blast getting to spend time as a team and hang out with our families. We’re already looking forward to next year! So, here’s to nixing the nuts for a fun allergy friendly night out! Go Dogs!