Allergy Testing

Finding out what you are allergic to is an important first step in obtaining relief from your allergies. A board-certified allergist has extensive training in interpreting allergy tests. Along with obtaining a detailed history, the allergist will determine the specific things that trigger a patient’s allergies. Allergy tests can be performed in adults and children of any age. In most cases, an allergy skin test is the best test because it is accurate, quick, and causes minimal to no pain.

A small drop of the suspected allergen is pricked or scratched on the surface of the skin. Many suspected allergens can be tested at the same time. If you are allergic, you will develop a small area of redness and swelling at the test site. In some cases, the doctor will recommend an additional step in testing where a small amount of the allergen is injected into the skin. The results of skin tests are available within 15 minutes and the doctor will then meet with you to discuss the results, teach you how to avoid those allergens, and discuss treatment options with you.

Please contact us if you believe you might need to be skin tested or would like to make an appointment with one of our board certified allergists.

What is a Skin Test?