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We Knocked the Peanuts Out of The Park!

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We knocked the peanuts out of the park for one night only and it was a huge success! The Charleston RiverDogs happily agreed to let us host a peanut free night so families of those allergic to peanuts could come out and root for the RiverDogs without fear of anaphylaxis from peanut exposure. Many were able to attend the game as a family, not having to leave their peanut allergic child at home. Families breathed a sigh of relief as they enjoyed watching the RiverDogs play the Rome Braves while seated in the “No Nut Zone.”
Jee Youn whose son is also peanut allergic said “a big thank you from our family to Charleston Allergy and Asthma for creating and coordinating such a fantastic summer event for all of those allergic to peanuts. Our son, Grant, enjoyed every moment of the RiverDog’s baseball game from the funnel cake to giving Charlie the River Dog a hug and a high five.”

The RiverDogs were so diligent about keeping the event peanut free that they even confiscated bags of nuts at the gate doors. Tyler Roberts brought his peanut allergic son and noted that “the most exciting thing…about not having to be concerned about peanuts at the game is the fact that I wasn’t stepping on them all night no matter where I was at in the ballpark.” We could not be more appreciative of the opportunity to nix the nuts and create a fun, safe environment for everyone.

We hope this event helped raise awareness about what it means to be peanut allergic and how difficult it is for those allergic to peanuts to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Roberts felt that the “overall excitement that people shared about peanut free night was amazing.” Here’s to hoping we can make the event happen again next year!

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