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We’re Knocking Peanuts Out of the Park!

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With 1 in 13 children under the age of 18 suffering from food allergies, we are very excited to be a part of the first Peanut Free Night at The Joe. During August 9th’s game there will not be peanuts served or available all night. Tickets are $10 with code: nopeanuts. Enjoy a safe night out watching the RiverDogs beat the Rome Braves.
“Allergic reactions to peanut occur from eating peanut containing foods or even touching or breathing peanut dust in the air,” Dr. Meredith L. Moore states that “these reactions can quickly become severe and life threatening which limit a child’s safe participation in activities where there is exposure to peanut proteins. For a family with a peanut allergic child going to the ice cream shop, traveling on an airplane and even going to a baseball game can be risky because of the increased exposure to peanuts. Everything these children touch or put in the mouths must be scrutinized to ensure it is peanut free which is anxiety provoking for parents.”

With Peanut Free Sections thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed prior to the game this will allow “families to relax a little more and enjoy the game and each other. The extra layer of safety in a RiverDogs Peanut Free night can help everyone involved relax a little more and enjoy a night out with their family and friends.”

“This peanut-free night at the Riverdogs game,” according to Dr. Carolyn R. Word, “will give children a chance to have fun and enjoy America’s past time with family and friends without the fear of an allergic reaction.” Parents will not need to worry as Murray’s Mezzanine will serve as the Peanut Free Stand and bathrooms closest to peanut free sections will also be peanut free. All gates will be open, however, those that are more high-risk may use the back gate.

We hope that this event will also help raise awareness about food allergies in general. Dr. Andrew E. Davidson notes, “unfortunately, until now, many peanut allergic children in the Lowcountry have avoided the ball park because of concerns about peanuts. Hopefully this event will be a huge success and will be repeated in the future.” So come one, come all to the first ever peanut free night at The Joe!


Tickets are $10 with code “nopeanuts”


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