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FDA Extends Expiration Date For Certain Lots of EpiPens

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In an effort to mitigate EpiPen shortages, the FDA is extending the expiration date for specific lots of 0.3 milligram products.

“We are doing everything we can to help mitigate shortages of these products, especially ahead of the back-to-school season. We’ve completed the necessary reviews of the data to extend the expiration date by four months for specific lots of EpiPen that are expired or close to expiring.” – Exerpt from the FDA in Brief

It is important to make sure that your EpiPens are included in the specific lots that have been approved for an extended expiration date.

If you are unable to find EpiPens in your area, note that generic alternative devices are readily available. These include Auvi-Q and Adrenaclick. If you are having an issue filing your EpiPen prescription in the Charleston area, contact the Board-Certified Allergists at Charleston Allergy & Asthma to discuss prescribing alternative devices.

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