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Coping with Anaphylaxis

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Once you’ve been through anaphylaxis, your mind is spinning. You are anxious, your child is anxious…you start questioning yourself and possibly placing blame. Look at a few ways to help you and your child manage anaphylaxis anxiety.
Do stay connected with your child. Express your love with gestures and attention. You might find them asking existential questions,” Can I die from my food allergy?” Answer age-appropriately and tread carefully. Your child might express their feelings about what happened during play time. They might act out what happened or give their stuffed animals or play mates “food allergies.”

What your family has just went through is extremely traumatic. It’s ok to be emotional and let those feelings out, however, try and shield your anxiety and emotion from your child. It can be harder for them to get past the event if you seem distressed. And don’t allow yourself to over play the events; it was scary enough the first time. You may find yourself saying “what if…” or “I should have done this…” Try distracting yourself by going outside or calling a friend.

Family and friends might be overwhelming and can add to your anxiety. Your panic can increase as you retell the story and they offer their own thoughts and advice. Letting your family and friends know about what happened can wait, focus on your child and you.

Remember to check back in with yourself on how you manage your child’s food allergies. Chat with your child again about how to read labels, not to share food, etc. Remind relatives and close friends what your child’s food allergy means. And most importantly, feel confident in how to handle food allergies and anaphylaxis.

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