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Allergies During the Holiday Season

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Sneezing through “the most wonderful time of the year?” Well, there is a very good reason for that, allergy and asthma triggers are everywhere, including your holiday decorations. And as it gets colder, we tend to stay indoors and curl up with a fire, a warm blanket and dust mites. No one wants to miss out on all the holiday cheer, so here are few tips and tricks to get you through the festivities without your nose looking like Rudolf’s.


We love to cuddle, but remember their pet dander can cause problems. Try to keep them out of the bed and out of your room. When visiting friends and family who have pets, you may experience problems and remember, pet dander travels on clothes and in cars.

Dust mites

They can become more bothersome as we often stay with friends and family and in hotel rooms during this time of year. Air vents can blow accumulated dust and debris throughout your home.


It can be found on your Christmas tree, your wreaths and even on your decorations.


So much yummy food around…but, if you are food allergic, be aware. Ask and be prepared! Always have your epi!

Strong Odors

Burning a fire can cause allergic and respiratory issues, as wood smoke may be an irritant. Burning candles may also cause issues as the fragrance may be an allergy and/or asthma trigger. Trimming the tree…


Live trees naturally carry mold on them and mold can grow in the tree stand holding water. Pollen can also come in the house when you bring the tree inside. Spray the tree down before bringing it in. The pine scent can cause allergy/asthma triggers. If someone in your family has severe allergies, you may want to avoid a live tree all together.


Make sure it is stored properly, in a dry container, as artificial trees, can grow mold and accumulate dust too.


Much like artificial trees, your decorations can get damp, grow mold and collect dust, as well. Store your ornaments and decorations in dry storage bins.

If you’ve tried all these tips and tricks and you still feel crummy, we can help!

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